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YCD Federations existence was motivated by the Youth of Soweto, Kliptown, Orange Farm, Lakeside,

Welkom ‘’Motse Thabong’’, Mafikeng, Pinetown, Mmotle, KZN, Soshanguve and their Surrounding

Communities. Why’ll some Overseas Sponsors and Business People, local sponsors and Adults of the

Poor Communities, helped me with encouragements- Motivation and Blessings during the 21st

Anniversary of SKY ‘’Soweto Kliptown Youth’’ Foundation, during the year 2008 and 2009, why’ll I

was still a Programme Developer and Program Manager for SKY Foundation and KCYC ‘’Kliptown

Children Youth Club’’ Academy, without a monthly salary/ pay, for it was a blessing to help and

change the life of others from worse to the better one.

I created this Federation, to stand and fight on behalf of the Development of the Society in Large,

Youth Development and Community Development. To stand and fight on behalf of the Society,

against the misconduct and mismanagement of the Office Bearers- Executive Board Members-

Founders- CEO’s and Partners of NPO’s and Community Based Organizations, Youth

Clubs/Organizations which are registered and unregistered and Government Officials, who are cruel

and un-supportive towards the development of the Society and the Country in large.

YCD (my first)

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More Than One Story @ RSA

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More Than One Story


Originally inspired by the Nigerian writer: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie the author from Nigeria

Originally developed and established by the Swedish Department of Culture and Leisure, youth and the community of Simrishamn


Inspired by a lecture entitled ‘The Danger of a Single Story’, illustrating the danger that arises when people hear only a single story about a country, a culture, a group or an Individual. The inventors of the game deemed it important for us to hear More Than One Story about each other in order to avoid Prejudice, Segregation and Racism.’


YCD (Young Community Developer) Federation is in partnership with the Department of Culture and Leisure in the Municipality of Simrishamn, Sweden and affiliated to other local organisations to present the More Than One Story card game to the South African communities.


The introduction of the game in South Africa is an internal YCD federation project named The MTOS Project. The MTOS foremost project objective is to promote the use of the card game as a tool to prevent and overcome present and future negative tensions amongst Africans residing in South Africa, referred to as refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants and South African citizens for the purpose of unity and social cohesion to exist in South African communities.


Our reality at YCD Federation is that the xenophobic attacks which took place during the year 2008 and recent in South Africa during the month of April 2015, are affected by the acceptance of a single story, which it’s effects symbolize segregation, prejudice and racism. We as YCD Federation have realized that the society, trough informal and formal organisations, schools, social gatherings can together work towards rehabilitating our communities and it’s members by implementing current and innovative tools that are recognised internationally to produce desired results in a society that has correctly implemented such tools.


At YCD Federation, we believe that two hands are better than one, where we are appreciating the opportunity which the Department of Culture and Leisure of Simrishamn, Sweden has given to YCD Federation through the collaboration in the ’More Than One Story’ project rollout for the benefit of South Africa. In our Country, we have experienced the Danger of a Single Story, since oppression years unto this present. The acts that took place recently in our country have internationally shamed what we as the citizens of South Africa stand for which is UBUNTU; a Zulu term which translates to humanity, humility and togetherness.