Young Community Developer Federation

I believe that I can bring a change in my Community

The Future is Important

I.  Young Man Leadership and Young Woman Leadership Program 
Young  Man Leadership  and Young Woman Leadership is an internally developed 
program  that  its fundamental purpose is  to  open  the mind-set of  the participating youth  to possibilities of controlling his/her destiny regardless  of  their current limitations  of poverty.  

This program  also address the positive  aspects and  the 
limitations of our current educational system to properly arm the uprising youth for a 
better  understanding their current environment and tools that could be used to overcome such obstacles.

The program and  its content  is constantly repeated to participants only  to positively stimulate the minds  of  that particular  youth and instill  a  logical sense  of decision making  amongst them.  

The  content is  not  likely  to  be similar  to their schools curriculum but  is  highly motivating  for  them to  participate  in community social development, school work and take control of their personal life in a positive manner, in their quest to become future leaders.

We Research and Educate as to promote positive Social Cohesion environment for it is clear that United we Stand and Divided we Fall. therefore Unity and Ubuntu is necessary among-st the Inhabitants of the World.

Organization Description 
Our organization has been very  instrumental  in uplifting  the youth’s ability  to reach their  true  potential  and  aims  to  continue  doing  so  by  positively  inspiring them  and facilitating  the  establishment  of  the  required  social  development resources. YCD Federation has become the weapon, fighting against community forms of moral decasuch as  crime, drug  addiction  and  teenage pregnancy among-st  the  youth  existing ipoverty  stricken  areas. Our  Organization  is  guided by  its constitution  and driven by specifically formulated goals and objectives to realize an environment that produces a well-motivated  and  dynamic  youth regardless  of conditions  and circumstances surrounding them. 
Social activities and social development programs are  the  tools currently being used 
by  our  Organization  to  initiate  the  development  of  young minds  in  poverty stricken areas.  Below  are  a  list  and  a  brief  description  of  what our activities and internal programs entail and how  they are meant  to be beneficial to  the youth to achieve  set objectives and goals. 

Organization Statements 
To  facilitate  the  establishment  of  self-sustainable  youth’s,  social  development 
facilities  and  activities within  underprivileged  communities  of  South  Africa  for the betterment of the Community and youth’s future. 
To Create positive Young Leaders and Encouraging positive progress and  inspiring 
our current underprivileged youth through positive thinking and social activity, giving 
them hope for a better future and instilling responsibility for each individual’s choices 
and practices, teaching  the value of  life and  limitless personal and academic growth 
opportunities existing within our country for prospects of a better future for them and by them.